Leave No Trace Refillery, llc

Environmentalism Made Easy!

Welcome to Leave No Trace Refillery!  As you peruse our website and store, here’s a brief overview of how and why we started.  Our founder has considered herself an environmentalist for at least three decades.  She grew up in a converted hunting cabin in the woods where her love for nature began.  She attained her Environmental (Global) Education Bachelor’s degree in 2012.  Even with that knowledge under her belt, she would still forget her reusable shopping bags at home a large percentage of the time!  Frustrated when that happened, she has been seen balancing armfuls of goods from store to car as a form of self-punishment for forgetting those bags.  A brick & mortar bulk store had been on her list of dreams for over ten years but as that reality kept escaping, it finally dawned on her that in 2020 she was meant to create a better, more simple way:   to help people help the planet by delivering top-notch, earth-friendly products to our local neighborhoods, door-to-door or door-to-dock!  And so it was … Leave No Trace Refillery was born.  We are thrilled to welcome you on board.

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