Leave No Trace Refillery, llc

Earth Hugs!

We wanted to kick off this blog with an eye-opening, alarming statistic:

“Containers and packaging make up a major portion of municipal solid waste (MSW), amounting to 80.1 million tons of generation in 2017 (29.9 percent of total generation).” according to EPA.gov.

Our mission at Leave No Trace Refillery is to reduce those astronomical numbers rather than see them increase in the next round of EPA statistics. Even though we currently only service Seacoast Maine and New Hampshire, we have lofty goals of reducing discarded trash and recyclables.  **UPDATE as of March 2021, we now service as far north as Portland, Maine and as far west as Concord, New Hampshire, and many towns in between!  And we are very proud to announce that we are up to eight local suppliers who allow us to bring our containers straight to their facilities and refill from their vats & bins, removing the need for ANY packaging on all of those orders!!!

We may be small but together we are mighty!

Stay tuned for our trash reduction chart!

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