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Bread Bag, Linen – Anne Riggs Designs


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Materials: linen, thread, twill tape Bread has been stored in linen bags for centuries. Linen is a natural fiber that breathes and will keep your bread fresh without using plastic. These bags also work well for carrying your bread home from the bakery. Linen provides natural anti-bacterial properties to keep bread from getting moldy. The linen also keeps the bread in a dark location, which also discourages mold. Linen bread bags keep your homemade bread and bakery bread fresh. These bags are made from 100% linen that has already been machine washed and dried to prevent further shrinking. The bags are available in three sizes to fit most breads: Baguette ( 8 X 20); Round Boule (12 X 12); and Loaf (12 X 17). The seams are finished with a serged edge to prevent raveling. The bags all close with a double drawstring to really cinch it closed. The linen is a natural color that looks good in everyone’s kitchen. These bags can be machine washed and dried. You’ll find that they will get softer as time goes on. They make a perfect gift for the home baker!


Regular, Loaf, Boule, Baguette