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USA Dryer balls – set of 4 w/ Red Smiley + bag


Handmade in the USA of 100% premium USA wool!

~ Bonus reusable organic cotton mesh produce bag ~

3 Plain, 1 Red Smiley Face

These are the new “Dryer Beez” . These special designer wool dryer balls are individually handcrafted by “A Little Green Bee”.  They are completely made out of wool, inside and out. They are a little larger than the size of a tennis ball. Because they are reusable, you will never need to purchase fabric softener or dryer sheets again. And unlike other wool dryer balls made from yarn, they will not unravel. These balls will last for years, and they get better with age. Put away those chemical dryer sheets, protect your family and the environment, and go green with natural dryer balls!

What else is great about using 100% Wool Dryer Balls?

1. They are an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional dryer sheet. Dryer sheets leave chemicals and residue on your clothes which can irritate sensitive skin and cause your towels to become less absorbent. They might shrink a bit, but feel free to wash them anytime.

2. They can reduce your dryer time. As your wet laundry tumbles in the dryer, the Wool Dryer Balls will lift and separate your clothes. They increase the air space between the clothes and allow the air to flow freely and more efficiently. In addition to increasing the air flow, the 100% wool fibers are great at pulling the moisture out of your clothes so you don’t have to run your dryer as long. Wool balls will conserve energy for those with a busy lifestyle. The more wool balls you use, the faster the drying time. No matter what size load you are drying, increasing your number of wool balls will improve your results.

3. They can reduce static, but will not eliminate static completely. Avoid over drying your clothing. Over drying creates static so be sure to adjust to your new drying times. Another problem with static is mixing synthetic materials with natural fibers. Synthetic fabrics love to make static. If you separate your clothing by fiber content, you will make a huge difference in static reduction. Increasing the number of wool dryer balls will help as well.

4. Use wool dryer balls in place of plastic dryer balls. The PVC dryer balls do a great job of increasing dryer air flow but wool dryer balls are softer, natural, and free of chemicals that enter your air when you heat plastic balls. They are quieter and won’t tear your clothes.

5. They can soften your clothes while eliminating the need of chemical-laden liquid softeners, which contain toluene and styrene (two solvents proven to cause damage to the neurological system). They simply soften your clothes like liquid fabric softener when they’re just bouncing around in your dryer. Feel free to wash our wool balls anytime in a gentle cycle.

How many to buy… Well that’s up to you.

*2-3 balls are good for softening your clothes
*4-6 balls can decrease drying time by much as 20-40%, depending on load size & fabric
*7-12+ balls are for really big loads…or if you just love them!

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