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Lia’s Lather is gentle soap that lathers easily when it is used. It is a gentle and moisturizing soap which will help you to look after the skin of your little one. For best results, lather the bar in your hands and apply the lather to your baby’s skin.

Lia’s Lather is Bastille soap made only with olive and coconut oils which allow it to be gentle on the delicate skin of your little one while effectively cleaning. This bar is made using goats milk to help moisturize, and raw honey and oatmeal to help protect the skin. It is fragranced with lavender essential oil for its calming and relaxing properties and lemon essential oil for its burst of freshness, making this ideal for bedtime baths.

Olive Oil, Goats Milk, Coconut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Honey, Oatmeal, Lavender essential oil, Lemon essential oil.

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