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We have highlighted some very important petitions that need your help.  It’s super easy, just click the links and sign electronically.  We, and Mother Earth, thank you!

This very important list will be updated as often as we can to keep things current and fresh.  Please read through these petitions, e-sign, and click submit.  Your voice truly counts.  Even if you don’t consider yourself an activist, this is a perfect way to voice your opinion and be an earth-hugging change-maker.  Thank you so very much!

  • This one should be voted on soon (posted 4/26/2021) but please sign either way, it is to help our pollinators!!!  You may have to copy & paste into your browzer, but once you enter your name/address/etc, the letter is all written and will load for you so it’s super quick & easy:



  • This one is to ask ALL foodservice venues/restaurants/events to stop offering single-use options:

You can either copy & paste this link:  https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/reopen-with-reuse?source=direct_link&

Or just fill in your info below:



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