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What dishwasher soap should we use?

Some pretty scary ingredients can be hanging out in top-selling dishwashing detergents.  The FDA and FD&C Act don’t regulate the disclosure of cleaning product ingredients, so all ingredients aren’t even necessarily listed on the label (sometimes a company’s website might have a list of ingredients while the package label is either lacking a full list or missing an ingredient list altogether).   With this in mind, it is good to know the ethics behind the companies of the cleaning products you use.

Even something as seemingly harmless as “Fragrance” can actually contain any combination of 3,000+ synthetic chemicals!  Some natural dishwasher soaps can lack effective results.  That’s why, not only do we research each ingredient listed, item by item, we also test all products before agreeing to carry in our store.  There have been many that didn’t cut the mustard, literally ;-), but we have been very pleased with the results of the below options and have received great feedback from our customers as well.
We currently offer dishwasher tablets from the If You Care brand (available per tab or in boxes of 40), as well as hand-washing dish blocks carefully crafted locally and made with natural ingredients by Sarandipity Soap Company.  Soon to arrive will be the Sarandipity Soap Company’s dishwasher powder as well!  We’ll let ya know on Instagram and Facebook when that arrives. 


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